1. Location위치도

Grace Vill is located in Gunnae-ri. It takes 2~3 minutes by car to Main Gate(Dongchang Gate) and Anjeong Gate(Main Gate at present). And near the Grace Vill, there are 2 park are being built(Naeri Munwha Park and Dumulgangsup Park).

Grace Vill

  • Size : 2,562 sq ft
  • Bedroom : 4
  • Bath : 3
  • Number of parking lots per house : 3
  • Balcony : 1
  • CCTV, Fire alarm, Air-conditioner each room, etc.
  • You can use rooftop

1st floor : room(1), bath(1), living room, kitchen, parking lot

그레이스빌3동 (2)-rental house in camp humphreys
Rental House in Camp Humphreys

그레이스빌3동 (3)그레이스빌3동 (4)그레이스빌3동 (5)그레이스빌3동 (7)그레이스빌3동 (11)

2nd floor : room(3), bath(2), living room, balcony

그레이스빌3동 (13)그레이스빌3동 (14)그레이스빌3동 (15)그레이스빌3동 (16)그레이스빌3동 (17)그레이스빌3동 (18)그레이스빌3동 (19)